Sales Consultancy


I have been working as a sales professional since 2008. I graduated as a marketing economist. I have been building my sales experience and network of contacts in logistics, in the SME sector and in HR. With my knowledge and network of relationships, I can support you effectively by searching for business partners and customers.

Sales Strategy

Reputation Management

Business Development

Business network development


Industry overview A4 Version

  • Competitors
  • Target group/Clientele
  • Potential business partners

Marketing strategy development

  • Channels
  • Time frame
  • Tools
  • Human capital
  • Culture themes

Business meetings organization, preparation. Industries:

  • Production
  • Logistic
  • Marketing
  • HR

Social media management:

  • Social campagnes
  • Profile creating
  • Brand building
  • Introduction material

There are no secrets of success. Success is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from mistakes

Colin Powell

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