CEO – Hall of Reputation Hungary

The CEO – Hall of Reputation Hungary competition starts today.

The goal is to find successful business leaders who:

  • successfully build their company’s reputation,
  • they are known and liked by consumers, partners,
  • set a good example for other managers and their colleagues,
  • their statements, posts and media appearances send positive messages to the people of the Internet.

ReputaCEO’s mission is to promote the brand-building power of reputation. Good reputation is the best message, establishes trust. If your customers, partners and clients trust your company, it will pave the way for a long-term cooperation, a close relationship. And trust takes shape most easily  between humans, which means that a well-known brand is not enough. The brand message is most authentically delivered by the number-one-leader.

What to do?

@ Under the ORIGINAL post, @mention the company manager you nominate – until May 31st! You also can nominate CEOs by E-MAIL:

And VOTE in June, when you choose from all the nominated company executives.

What do the winners get?

A 20-30 minute podcast interview will be conducted with the TOP 5 company executives. From July monthly will one interview appear on ReputaCEO’s online interfaces.

Beautiful Fuji Mountain viewed from airplane in early winter season.

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